Frederick Area Landscape Contractors
and Nurserymen Association

The Frederick Area Landscape Contractors and Nurserymen’s Association consists of Green Industry professionals in the Frederick area who are dedicated to the education and improvement of the Green Industry.

Who We Are

Landscape Contractors​

A landscape contractor designs, installs, and maintains outdoor spaces, including gardens, patios, and trees. They are landscaping experts with horticultural and environmental knowledge, ensuring both beauty and functionality in outdoor areas.


Arborists are tree care experts specializing in tree maintenance, pruning, removal, and ensuring tree health and safety.

Green Industry Suppliers

Garden centers are retail stores that specialize in selling plants, gardening supplies, and related products for gardening enthusiasts and homeowners.

Greenhouse & Nursery Growers

Greenhouse growers specialize in cultivating plants in controlled environments called greenhouses. These structures provide ideal conditions, including temperature, humidity, and light, for plant growth. They typically produce a variety of plants like flowers, vegetables, and ornamentals.

Lawn Maintenance Contractors

Lawn maintenance contractors specialize in caring for lawns and outdoor spaces, offering services like mowing, fertilizing, weed control, and overall upkeep for healthy landscapes.

FALCAN Meetings

Our monthly meetings provide an opportunity to meet other members of our industry to share experiences and concerns and to gain knowledge of new products and methods that can give our business more professionalism.

FALCAN meets on the second Wednesday of every month at a local Frederick restaurant. Contact Dan Felice at 202-253-8146 or dfelice840@aol.com for meeting location.

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